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The transmitter line is a high-quality low-cost CO2 transmitter, utilizing a patented gold plated polymer material for its optical bench. It also incorporates its patented ABS (automatic baseline correction) software to maintain the zero point for better long term stability.

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                       •Robb Andrade of Siemens WA talks about AirTest CO2
                          Monitors in the Seattle School District. 

                       •Hear John McKay explain how he saved $10K to $15K/yr per school

                          with CO2 based ventilation





•Transmits CO2 and Temperature concentrations for AirTest TR9000 Products using LonTalk® protocol.
•Purposefully built for quality - designed and built using Internationally Certified ISO 9001 processes.
•Display, output range and scaling easilycustomized via a PC interface.
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TR-9220, TR-9221, & TR-9223

•Carbon Dioxide Transmitter With Temperature.
•Self-calibrating sensor eliminates calibration/maintenance requirements.
•Ventilation control with CO2 is a viable and energy efficient way of controlling ventilation to target
   cfm/person levels based on actual occupancy.
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TR-9225, TR-9226, & TR-9227

•Attractive wall mount case with display for CO2, temperature relative humidity levels.
•Remote temperature and humidity probe provides high accuracy by eliminating case related    temperature interference.
•Humidity output provided via 0 - 10 V output and relay.
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•The TR9230 family of products senses CO2 and temperature but also has the capability to control a    VAV box based on temperature and ventilation. It is designed as a cost effective platform for new or    retrofit VAV applications that requires minimal changes to existing control systems.
•Programmable setback temperature can be initiated by external timer switch or by indication of    unoccupied conditions with CO2.
•Provides a single analog output to modulate a VAV box based on both temperature (PI control) and
   measured ventilation rate using CO2 (P control).
Download the TR-9230 Series Cut Sheet.



•The TR9240 integrates a setback thermostat, CO2 control and economizer control into a single wall    mounted device. It is ideal for single zone applications where the need for ventilation may vary    including school classrooms, meeting rooms and retail spaces. Versions are available with two    stages of cooling or one state each of heating and cooling. It is designed as a cost effective platform    for new or retrofit thermostat applications
•Will take sensor input from an external temperature or enthalpy sensor to provide free cooling in
   economizer mode.
•All settings can be easily adjusted with an easy to use, plug-in PC interface.
Download the TR-9240 Series Cut Sheet.



•Handheld CO2, Ventilation, and Temperature Sensor.
•Includes built-in data logging.
•The PT-9250 can help you better understand ventilation in a building and easily identify and   solve problems related to fresh air ventilation.

Download the PT-9250 Cut Sheet.


TR-9290 ,TR-9291, & TR-9292

•Self Calibrating CO2 Transmitter.
•It is designed for wall, in-duct, and duct mount applications.
•The TR-9290-L is the wall mount version with display.

Download the TR-9290 Series Cut Sheet.



•The 9300 series CO2 monitor is designed to provide warning of elevated CO2 levels that may be
   dangerous to health. It can be used wherever CO2 is produced, stored, generated or used including:
   - Detection of Combustion Fumes
   - Pubs & Microbreweries
   - Wineries & Breweries
   - Food Processing / Fast Freezing
   - CO2 Bulk Storage For Soft Drink Dispensers in Convenience Stores & Restaurants.
•Display, output range and scaling easily customized via a PC interface.
•Option to add electrochemical oxygen depletion sensor.
Download the TR-9300 Series Cut Sheet.



•The EE80 series combines CO2, relative humidity (RH) and temperature (T) measurement in one    housing. The snap-in mounting concept stands for easy installation and replacement within seconds.
•EE80 series set new standards in CO2 measurements for HVAC. The operation is based on the    infrared principle. A patented auto-calibration procedure compensates for the aging of the infrared    source and ensures outstanding long term stability.
•The basic EE80 version for CO2 and T can be easily extended with a RH plug-in module. The well    proven E+E sensor technology guarantees accurate and long term stability.
•EE80 provides analogue 0 - 10V voltage outputs. The optional display indicates sequentially the    Actual measuring data.
Download the EE80 Cut Sheet.



•All TR9000 products are can be provided with an advanced LonWorks® interface that allows multiple    sensors to communicate on a twisted pair network. This feature is available as an option, or can be    retrofitted onto any AirTest TR9000 product. This feature will allow interrogation of the sensor for    temperature, CO2 and an optional binary input on the sensor (e.g. Occupancy sensor) over a    LonWorks® network. For products with control capability such as the TR9230 and TR9240    communication using the multi task LonWorks® protocol 8500 “Comfort Controller”, allows remote    adjustment and control of a variety of devices.
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