Global Controls proudly represents the AirTest line of gas detection equipment.
AirTest manufactures high quality low cost gas sensor and controllers for many applications.

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CT-1000 & CT-2100

•One of our most unique products it our CT-1000, Gas Sensor/Controller.
•It can be use on line voltage 115VAC or 220VAC and 24VAC, making it compatible to any application.
•The CT-1000 is also CSA Certified.
Download the CT-1000 & CT-2100 Cut Sheet.
Download the CT-1000 Manual.
Download the CT-2100 Manual.


•It is economical and has a 5 year life span.
•Ideal for use with building DDC systems.
•The TR-2000 is easily installed in a single gang electrical box.
Download the TR-2000 Cut Sheet.
Download the TR-2000 Manual.

•The TR-2000 is also available with the LON Works option.

Download the LON Options brochure.
Download the LON Works Product Guide.



•The TR3200 is a high accuracy Electrochemical gas sensor that can be factory configured to measure    a wide range of gases of applicable to health and safety applications.
•This loop-powered sensor delivers a linear 4-20 ma output that is easily integrated into any building    control, ventilation or alarm application.
•The low profile design can be attached to any single gang electrical box and features an economical
   replaceable sensor element.
Download the TR-3200 Cut Sheet.
Download the TR-3200 Manual.
Download the LON Options Cut Sheet.
Download the LON Works Product Guide.



•All TR9000 products are can be provided with an advanced LonWorks® interface that allows multiple    sensors to communicate on a twisted pair network. This feature is available as an option, or can be    retrofitted onto any AirTest TR9000 product. This feature will allow interrogation of the sensor for    temperature, CO2 and an optional binary input on the sensor (e.g. Occupancy sensor) over a    LonWorks® network. For products with control capability such as the TR9230 and TR9240    communication using the multi task LonWorks® protocol 8500 “Comfort Controller”, allows remote    adjustment and control of a variety of devices.
Download the brochure about our LON Options.
Download the LON Works Product Guide.

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