Specialized Stand-alone micro processor controllers for temperature and pressure.
The universal heating controller TC204 for hot water, steam, and electric resistance heating systems can be accessed over the internet. The TC62D is an outdoor reset (weather compensated) controller built into a VM62 actuator. The TC92K is a single point temperature controller built into a VM92 actuator. The TC60A is also a single point universal temperature controller for heating and cooling.







TC60A is an easily programmable
micro-processor based controller with
either 1 output or 2 sequential outputs.

The large digital display shows setpoint
and actual temperature.

Applications Include:
   Domestic Hot water Control
   Chilled Water Control
   Snow Melting
   Heating & Ventilating Unit Control
   Differential Temperature Control
   Reset Control

Power Requirement: 24 VAC +/- 20%, 2 va
Inputs: 2 analog; Nickle Wire RTD 1 Digital
Outputs: 2 analog, 0 - 10 volts dc
Control Range: 32º F - 230º F
Proportional Band: 2º F - 180º F
Integral Time Off: 16 sec - 4096 sec
Deadband: 0 - 38º F


• Temperature is controlled at the
   primary input.
• A second analog input can be used as
   a high limit, low limit, as a remote
   setpoint, or to reset the controller.
• The digital input can be used for either
   day/night or summer/winter changeover.
• Can be installed on a DIN rail, or it can
   be surface mounted or recess mounted.
• It can also be installed in its own enclosure.




The TC204 has a built-in room temperature sensor which you can use if the controller is installed in the area being controlled.

Displays Time and also Temperature readouts, in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

• Eight Programs:

1. Supply Water Temperature Control by floating valve actuator.
2. Supply Water Temperature Control by On/Off control of a boiler, or by a modulating
    valve accepting a 0 - 10 volt DC signal.
3. Supply Water Temperature Control by On/Off control of two boilers.
4. Supply Water Temperature Control by On/Off control of 3 boilers.
5. Supply water temperature in 1 zone by PWM or a 0 - 10 volt valve actuator.
6. Supply Water Temperature Control in 2 zones by PWM or 0 - 10 volt actuators.
7. Steam Heating System Control by Time Proportioning control 1 valve actuator,
    1 boiler, or 2 boilers.
8. Electric Heat Control of temperature in 2 zones by time proportion control of relays or
    0 - 10 volt control of triacs.




The TC62D is a compact weather compensated (outdoor reset) controller built into a VM62 valve actuator.

It is used with the ESBE 3-way and 4-way mixing valves from 1/2” through 2”.

The accuracy of the TC62D and the high turndown ratio of the mixing valve result in a very energy efficient control system.

Power Requirement
24 volts ac, 50-60 Hz, 10 va

Ambient Limits
32¢ª - 104¢ª F 0¢ª - 40¢ª C


Cable Length
Outdoor sensor 48 feet 15 meters
Supply sensor 6 feet 2 meters
Return Sensor 12 feet 3.5 meters
Power cord 6 feet 2 meters


• Digital display of temperatures
   and adjustments.
• Programmable high and
   low temperaturelimits.
• Plug In sensor cables for quick
   and easy wiring.
• Programmable room sensor authority
• Boiler protection sensor sensor
• Optional room sensor




The ESBE series 90 motors are direct mount compact motors designed to operate ESBE and other brands of 3- and 4- way mixing valves with built-in temperature controller.

The motors are reversible (Figure 1 -internal switch) and their rotation can be set between 15° and 180° by adjusting the internal pawls
(cam discs).

Operating temperature:
              -15° to 130°F (-10° to 55°C)

Operating Voltage: 24VAC

Power Consumption: 3 VA

Weight: 1.8 lb. (0.8 kg)

Protection type: IP54

Running Time / 90°: 50 Hz - 1 Min.
                                   60 Hz - 50 Sec.

Torque: - 135
               Nm    - 15


• The direction of rotation can be
   reversed by changing the position of
   the two jumpers.

• No linkage kits are needed to mount on
  ESBE valves.

• Adaptor kits for other valves are available.