Global Controls, Inc. offers a complete line of direct coupled, electronic actuators that incorporates the latest technology in its design to provide precise control and reliable operation for your building automation requirements.

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Global Controls also has a line of thermostatic radiator actuators that come with a variety of different settings, from normally closed and normally open to electric and non-electric models.

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• Digital or Analog Control, Including PWM
• Fast Rotational Speeds Available
• Microprocessor Based Multifunction Units
• Low or Line Voltage Supply
• Manual Override

• The Patented Enerdrive System 'The Electronic Spring' on Selected Models

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Installation on standard manufactured dampers is fast and easy with accessory linkage kits available for remote mounting. The actuators' zero to ninety degrees rotation may be mechanically or, in the case of microprocessor based units, electronically limited while the direction of rotation may be reversed. Wiring, switches and the clutch are all safely enclosed beneath the cover deterring tampering with the controlled device.

Models are categorized according to torque, damper size, method of control, supply voltage, speed of rotation and features such as auxiliary switches, auto stroking, zero & span and
The Enerdrive System, 'The Electronic Spring'.

In addition to damper control, the actuators are also used to control a variety of 1/4 turn valves. Linkages couple the actuator to the valve providing cold water, hot water and low pressure steam systems with the electronic precision and reliability.

NEPTRONIC also manufactures an extremely rugged microprocessor based actuator for applications requiring high torque outputs. Unlike the other models, the UB has a 3/4" square output shaft.




Global Controls also offers a line of electric and non-electric actuators for installation on thermostatic radiator valves and applications of that sort.

The Non-Electric actuators are self-contained proportionally regulating devices. The room temperature influences the liquid filled sensor regulating the flow of hot water or steam. These actuators have a setting range of 41 to 79 F with automatic frost protection. Equipped with two metal pins for optional limitation of the setting range or locking the setting at a fixed temperature. Also, a memory clip as a reminder of desired temperature setting.

The reliable electic zone valve 24V actuator is a two position electrothermic actuator that is normally closed or normally open.


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