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     Specifically designed to detect total volume of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) that are most often present in all offices, meeting rooms, schools, auditoriums, game and sports halls. These off-gases (over sixty of them, including cigarette smoke) which are emitted from printers, copiers, carpets, finishes, fabrics, cleaners, solvents, perfumes, and humans, significantly reduce the quality of indoor air and most often cause the ill-effects, (Headaches, dry & itchy eyes and throats, tiredness, etc.) felt by humans.

     As they are designed for "Demand Controlled Ventilation" systems, they will provide more comfort to occupants and reduce energy costs. In the absence of a building automation system, their unique, built-in controller can modulate a damper motor directly.

     For better recognition, the room sensors are enclosed within an architecturally attractive housing with the "AIR QUALITY SENSOR" insignia. The true-in-duct sensors are built into a heavy-duty Lexan housing, with service-friendly removable cap. These are the only velocity independent VOC sensors in the world, with sensing elements located at the end of the probe, in the air stream.

     By incorporating the most stable, specifically developed, sintered semiconductor sensor and closely guarded rigorous & lengthy calibration process, these adjustable 0-10V sensors have maintained their lead as the VOC sensors of choice. They do not require calibration. Their 0-10V output signal is directly proportional to the percentage of pollution (0-100%) within the controlled area and/or the return air.

Requires independent power supply of 24VAC.


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AQS Brochure

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