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     A revolutionary breakthrough in fume hood design that provides maximum containment while cutting laboratory energy consumption up to 60%!
    Expansive field studies and mathematical modeling have proven that the Vortex II bi-stable vortex fume hood provides maximum containment with minimum energy consumption. Even with elaborate VAV controls, conventional mono-stable vortex fume hoods cannot protect better or save as much energy as the Vortex II.

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The Next Generation
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Vortex II
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Why the Vortex II is first :

*First In Safety* ... The Vortex II fume hood is the only fume hood that guarantees successful passage of the OSHA required 1995 Dynamic Fume Hood Performance Test under less than ideal conditions.  The Vortex II's unique air flow sensor measures the hood's performance while the baffle automatically adjusts to maintain maximum containment regardless of environmental conditions, such as cross drafts, activity in front of the fume hood, room temperature and pressure fluctuations.  For the first time, the worker is protected 100% of the time.

*First In Energy Conservation* ... TheVortex II consumes 60% less energy than conventional fume hoods while out-performing them! The Vortex II fume hood operates at face velocity of 40 FPM, compared with conventional fume hoods which run at 100 FPM. The Vortex II fume hood cuts air change rate in laboratories from 45 ACH to 18 ACH. The ideal energy distribution in the Vortex II further contributes to its effeciency.

*First In Noise Control* ... The Vortex II is 1st in safety, 1st in energy conservation and still manages to be the quietest fume hood in the industry! The fully automated baffle design reduces air flow velocity, and thereby reduces vibration and noise associated with conventional fume hoods.

To reduce the Vortex II's face velocity down to 40 FPM,
it required a few NEW ideas...

Sp. Ft. Height CFM SP ("WC) CFM SP ("WC) CFM SP ("WC)
4' (48") 7.58 28" 300 .089" 380 .165" 450 .249"
5' (60") 9.92 28" 395 .075" 495 .138" 595 .210"
6' (72") 12.25 28" 490 .093" 610 .167" 730 .261"
8' (96") 16.01 26.5" 640 .095" 800 .174" 960 .265"

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