"Green Laboratories" are now becoming the way new laboratories are being designed. The major reason is if the correct hood is selected, a major first cost mechanical equipment savings can be offered.

          At a recent fume hood trade show, every major fume hood manufacturer was offering some type of "low air flow" fume hood product for "Green Lab" design. Now that the laboratory industry is getting into "Green Lab" design, the question is whose hood will be based specified in the "Green Lab" design? Reviewing what the market is offering, it should be the Vortex II™.

Definition of "Green Hoods":

1. The High Performance Hood - requires no greater than 50 CFM per square foot of work surface area that also has an ANSI/ASHRAE 110 performance rating of 4 AI 0.05 or better.

Low air flow hood - uses restricted sash opening at 100 FPM to 60 FPM face velocity to save energy. May or may not pass ANSI/ASHRAE 110 performance of 4 AI 0.05 or better at restricted sash opening.


The following information on "Green Hoods" covers all the different high performance and low air flow fume hood products available. The "Bi-Stable" vortex is hood is the only non-proprietary product. The Bi-Stable vortex hood is the only product on the market with "large projects" under its belt with over six years of sales. The "Bi-Stable" Vortex II™ hood technology is the only technology directly transferable to walk-in hoods. Competition has no answer for the "Bi-Stable" Vortex II™ walk-in hoods.

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