Installation Tips

Correct measurement of the refrigerant concentration in a given area requires proper installation of the
SAM-MAX and the proper placement of its sampling point(s). Here are some general guidelines:

• The SAM-MAX monitor should be rigidly
mounted indoors on a wall or rack so that its
display is readily visible and the unit is easily
accessible for servicing.

• Sampling tubes can extend up to 500 feet
from the monitor. Locate them 12–18 inches
above the floor in an area where refrigerant
vapors are most likely to concentrate. Most
refrigerant gases are heavier than air and
tend to accumulate near the floor and especially
in areas such as pits and stairwells.
Large pits and stairwells should be wellventilated
and monitored separately.

• Chiller equipment configuration is important
in selecting sampling points. In general,
if there is only one chiller, monitor at its
perimeter. For two or more chillers, monitor
between each one.

• Consider airflow patterns and activity
levels when positioning sampling tubes.

Mounting and wiring diagrams demonstrate SAM's easy installation.

• Hardwire alarm contacts to audible or
visual alarms, equipment room ventilation
systems, and/or Building Management Systems


These are just a few recommended guidelines. For complete details and requirements, consult local building codes, ASHRAE 15-94 and EPA 608 standards, the SAM-MAX Monitor Operator’s Manual or Global-Controls, Inc.


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