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This battery-powered wireless communicating version of AirTest’s popular TR2000 electrochemical sensor can significantly reduce the cost of installation by eliminating the need for installation of wiring and conduit. Hard wired connections are only required for the fan control transceivers and at a PC which provides the control for the system. The network is self configuring so sensor nodes can easily be added or removed from the wireless network after the initial installation.

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Why The TR2000-W System
Save thousands of dollars in installation costs by eliminating the need for costly wiring.
The system is highly portable and can be quickly removed and used in alternative locations.
Ideal for leased parking areas.

Sensor and transmitter operates off of 4 AA batteries for 1 year
(based on 5 minute measurement interval).

Five-year electrochemical sensor life, easily replaced.

System is configured and controlled via software that can use an existing or dedicated PC.
(RS232 or USB interface required).

System is designed to fail safe in case of malfunction.
System will indicate low battery or sensor malfunction.

Easy to set up and operate.

About The AirTest Wireless System
The wireless network is based on a proven, 900 MHz, mesh topology design where every sensor
and control point is a transceiver (both a transmitter and receiver).

Includes battery powered wireless sensor and fan control nodes.
Each transceiver acts as a relay point for nearby sensor and control points.

Secure and interference-free communication is assured via a frequency hopping,
two-way message confirmation based communication protocol.

Sensor can be placed every 5,000 to 7,000 square feet.
An indicator light shows when the sensor is connected to the network.

Sensing points can easily be added or removed from the network.

Out of range installation locations can be added to network by placing a master transceiver between location and nearest networked point.

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